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One of the highlights of the Palladium’s 2010-11 season is coming up this Sunday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. Bombay Bellywood is a  touring show that is amazing audiences around the world. In case you haven’t heard of this show, I wanted to share this from the website for Bombay Bellywood:

With 6 years of performing over 700 shows in 22 countries the Bellydance Superstars have earned the accolade given them by the Sunday Times of England “ the most important dance troupe in the world.” They have taken an ancient art form previously seen in clubs and restaurants and turned it into a mega show to compete head on with the likes of Riverdance and Stomp. They have also added to the interpretation of Bellydance much as Cirque de Soleil has added to the interpretation of the Circus.

 They have given bellydancers worldwide the confidence that their dance art can now present them with the opportunity to dance in the world’s most prestigious venues just like any primo ballerina.  The BDSS has in fact opened doors and invigorated the art of Bellydance beyond recognition.

They have also inadvertently ended up as cultural ambassadors between East and West prompting the accolade from the Sunday Times. Now they add to that momentum by adding new cultural elements from India blending them to the already rich tapestry of Bellydance they have created so far.

The new show will merge traditional, and Tribal Bellydance with Indian dance styles rich in costuming and exciting emotive, infectious music. We are calling it BOMBAY BELLYWOOD. Cairo meets Bombay in San Francisco and New York with a touch of Buenos Aries and Chicago

To be sure, the Bellydance Superstars are not purists, and proud of it. They see the art of Bellydance as a living art capable of absorbing new elements and spreading its wings to captivate ever more people in ever more cultures. Indian dance has also morphed in unique ways so that the term Bollywood means different things to different people but to all it spells exotic India today. The Bellydance Superstars motto could be “creatively true”. Don’t lose the essence of the dance art but don’t be afraid to expand its horizons.


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Our audiences already know that the Side Door Cabaret is the best listening room in the bay area. Musicians know it too and our downstairs room is quickly becoming THE place to record a live CD. 

Palladium favorite Nate Najar (www.natenajar.com) was the first one in the pool, recording his Live at the Side Door CD, two years ago. This fall, three other CDs are being released. Denise Moore and Then Some (www.denisemoorejazz.com) recorded their History of Jazz show last spring and are releasing the CD with a party in Tampa Saturday night at the old jazz club, 442. We’ll be celebrating the release at the Side Door early in 2011. 

 Guisando Caliente (www.guisandocaliente.com), the great Latin Jazz band, recorded their birthday party show earlier this year at the Side Door. They will be showcasing that album on October 21st when they appear with the Brazilian group O Som Do Jazz  (www.osomdojazz.com) as part of our Latin Jazz Celebration.

And Sandy Atkinson and the True Loves (http://www.sandyatkinson.net/disc.htm), who appeared as part of our Hammond B3 Summer Spectacular, will be releasing a live CD of that show, on Friday, Oct. 15 in the Side Door.

And I recently received a copy of a live DVD recorded last fall at the Side Door featuring the great San Francisco jazz guitarist, Mimi Fox. Check Mimi’s website (www.mimifoxjazzguitar.com) for details on that project. 

Expect the hits to keep on coming. Upstairs, in Hough Hall, we’re installing a new state-of-the-art sound system, complete with Pro Tools recording capability. So expect a lot more Live at the Palladium projects in the coming months and years.

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